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The CDS School provides a caring friendly and well-structured educational environment. We value each and every student and motivate them to become intellectually curious, creative and attain excellence for holistic development. The efforts are to remain abreast with the latest in the field of education so that the academic program remains contemporary and rigorous at the same time.

We strive hard to provide affordable quality Education at par with international standards. We work on the physical, emotional, academic aspects of the child & strongly instill 21st century life skills, which are of utmost importance today.

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Director's Message

Our Honourable Director Ms. Nisha Saraf

Education for tomorrow:
Mahatma Gandhi said “By Education I mean all round drawing out of the best in man – body, mind and spirit.”
Today being educated is considered a license to a good life. Education has been the focus of dedicated social reformers in the last 150 years in India and the world. In importance, education is widely regarded as a key to life and liberty.
Yet it can be argued that despite, the best of our intentions and efforts, the field of education has remained largely untouched by the kind of breakthroughs and developments that have taken place in several other fields. Our efforts have mostly been directed towards spreading the availability of education.
We have limited insights into the future, yet few things are clear – the rate of breakthroughs in technology is going to be mind boggling. Knowledge is getting doubled almost every year and the rate itself is accelerating. So, any knowledge provided to the child will most likely be obsolete before he can use it. Further, if new skills become important, relegating the presently useful skills to obscurity, skill training may also be insufficient. We sense the enormity of the wall we are facing.
For sure, many a time we wonder whether there was something available in our ancient education that is missing today. How can those ancient powerful systems be amalgamated with the education for tomorrow. Can they be in support so that our children are not only cognitively smart but emotionally and spiritually strong as well.
Ours is a dedicated quest for excellence in education. Every child has the ability and capacity to reach the stars. It is just a matter of proper education that he realizes it.

Ms. Nisha Saraf

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