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My Memorable Journey Of Eight Years At CDS School

Dec 16th, 2020

My journey of 8 years at C.D.S School has been a pretty great experience. What I chose to take with me from my years with C.D.S School is that, if you can learn to accept who you are and love yourself, you can face any challenge that lies ahead. The things you do (at C.D.S School) and the people you meet will reside among your fondest memories. Even though my life now is far away from the people I met there, they are always in my thoughts, and I am sure that should we meet up on the street somewhere, it would be as though no time had passed at all.

Thank you C.D.S School for giving me such an opportunity to be associated with your beautiful family.

Harshal Bundiwal
(Batch of 2015-16)
Pursuing Chartered Accountancy

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