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The strong Roots Of My Successful Carrier As A ITC Chef Have Been Developed At CDS School

Dec 16th, 2020

As my mother use to say that school life is the first stage of our lives, and i strongly believe its a start of what kind of person you become.
Well, i do have alot of great memories from school which i still cherish for instance, of course the picnics, annual events, the stay over at school was one of the amazing moments, also the time when i became the head boy in high school was one of my proudest moments. I joined CDS since nursery and i never felt a need to change school it had the best faculty who literally spoon feed you and are there for you through all your difficulties, i made few great friends, we may not talk now but am sure whenever i need someone they will be a call away. Also as our school is an ICSE board soo it helped me alot through my college and my career. Definitely school life is tough, there were some hard times as well which makes us even stronger and confident.
Now, i have completed my graduation in Hotel Management and am working for ITC hotels as a Chef in Bakery and Confectionery in Hyderabad, soon planning to shift abroad for my master in pastry & confectionary arts, but when i look back, i will never forget that my roots belongs to my school CDS. (P.S. am sure i did not have a gala time at school throughout but those were one of the best days of my life and i would not change a single thing.)

Lakshay Panjwani

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